WordPress Support And Development

Our WordPress Support and Development hours are designed to help you when you need any website development tasks, such as customizations, coding, editing, content changes, fixing, adding functionality, amongst other technical services on your WordPress site.

Our rate for support hours is $90/hour. We always provide an hourly estimate before we start any billable work.

You’re not required to have a subscription to one of our maintenance plans, however, clients who have an advanced maintenance plan will receive a discount on support and development hours. See our maintenance plans here for more details.

Answers To Common Questions our Customers Have

We currently offer support hours from 8 AM to 5 PM Central Standard Time (CST), Monday through Friday. If you submit a support ticket during off-hours, we will immediately attend to it during our regular support hours. With an advanced maintenance plan, we may be able to negotiate support on weekends or evenings for urgent issues.

For new clients, please use the our contact form. For existing clients, please send a direct email to us at: info@localhost.

Yes, hacked site cleanup is included with all of our maintenance plans. For a standard plan, each hack event will cost $50.00 to clean up. For an advanced plan, cleaning up a hacked site is included in the plan for no additional cost.

During our onboarding process we’ll grab everything we need from you to support your site. That includes creating a WordPress Administrator account as well as the login to your hosting platform.

Our staff keeps these credentials private and will never share these details with anyone not associated with WP Problem Solvers.

We are based in Green Bay, WI. 

We currently mainly focus on WordPress maintenance and WordPress support and development. However, we may add WordPress site redesign services in the future.